EXCLUSIVE: Synergy Marine Group, the Singapore Based Company Managing the Ship That Destroyed Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, Practices DEI Hiring As Questions Arise on What Caused the Catastrophe

Synergy Marine Group, the Singapore-based company managing the ship that destroyed Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, practices DEI hiring. General Flynn and many others suspect Baltimore’s bridge collapse was part of a “Black Swan” event. Could Synergy Marine Group’s DEI crew have been the perfect target for international sabotage? In his remarks following the bridge’s collapse, Joe Biden announced that United States Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is visiting Baltimore less than 24 hours after the collapse. In comparison, following the train derailment, it took Buttigieg weeks to visit East Palestine, Ohio. East Palestine overwhelmingly voted for President Trump, while Biden won Baltimore by significant percentages.

According to Synergy Marine Group’s website, “Issues related to diversity are a high priority at Synergy…We will continue to attract, hire, and retain a diverse workforce because that is a key source of good ideas, and talented applicants will be drawn to work with us. But hiring for diversity alone is not enough. We want to ensure that our employees can bring their full selves to work – that they can belong in the fullest sense to the community inside the organization.”

Synergy Marine Group’s statement on DEI ends with, “Although diversity can be created through deliberate hiring practices, inclusion may not automatically follow. We want our entire workforce to appreciate and show sensitivity to the cultural, and any other, differences that exist in our teams, as well as among the people we interact with in our daily business. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels they belong.”

Keith Olbermann became enraged at Loomer Unleashed’s Charles Downs over Downs sharing Synergy Marine Group’s DEI hiring practices, calling Downs an “idiot.” It is interesting how Olbermann accused us of being “idiotic” when most Americans feel like air, boat, and car “accidents” are at all-time highs and are searching for answers.

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