Meet Virginia U.S. Senate Candidate Scott Parkinson: A Proud Never Trumper Masquerading as a Trump Supporter

Virginia United States Senate candidate Scott Parkinson pretends to be a Trump supporter, but reality shows Parkinson’s Trump support is nothing more than an act. Parkinson was a former congressional staffer and adviser to Ron DeSantis. Parkinson uses Axiom, a firm owned by Never Trumper Jeff Roe. Axiom also backed DeSantis’s presidential run. Parkinson is the Vice President of Government Affairs for Club for Growth, an organization that spent millions against Trump during the Iowa Caucus. Parkinson made anti-Trump statements at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference in 2023, telling attendees, “What do you have to gain for voting for a new conservative leader?” Parkinson then started listing reasons why the GOP should pick a “new conservative leader.” Parkinson also indicated that Trump’s arrests were a distraction. Clearly, Parkinson is not the America First candidate in the Virginia United States Senate race.

On April 3rd, 2023, while giving a speech to the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference about the upcoming GOP Presidential Primary, Parkinson said, “What do you have to gain for voting for a new conservative leader?” After making the statement, Parkinson went on to list reasons why the GOP should embrace a “new conservative leader.”

In the same speech, Parkinson refused to say President Trump’s name, “the work of a new President, a Republican President.”

On March 30th, 2023, following the announcement that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg would be arresting President Trump, making Trump the first United States President in history to face criminal charges, Parkinson referred to the event as a distraction and called on GOP presidential candidates to focus on other issues, “Instead, candidates must refocus on the real kitchen table conversations happening across America & present the American People with a plan to rescue the Middle Class from Bidenflation, increase public safety in our communities, & restore parents’ rights in the classroom.”

Parkinson is also against President Trump’s election integrity efforts, telling the AP, “he would not describe the [2020] election as being stolen, as Trump falsely has, but believes there are legitimate concerns around the country about election integrity.”

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