The Biden Trials: Loomer Unleashed’s Investigation Proves Biden’s White House is Pulling The Strings in President Trump’s New York and Georgia Legal Cases

Recently, President Trump wrote on TruthSocial that the Biden White House is coordinating his New York and Georgia cases. Loomer exclusively reported that Judge Merchan’s daughter, Loren Merchan, is the partner and part-owner of Authentic Campaigns, a firm whose “featured client” is the Biden-Harris Campaign. Loomer Unleashed’s Charles Downs obtained exclusive footage of Fulton County DA Fani Willis attending a D.C. fundraiser held in the same building as the WAPO. Video from that event shows DA Willis leaving with former Senior Biden White House Advisor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who previously worked with Willis at Kendall Law Firm. Willis has also held meetings with Kamala Harris’s staff. Downs has repeatedly asked J6 Committee Member Jamie Raskin about the J6 Committee’s deletion of files and communications with DA Willis. Raskin has responded snarkily to our questions, once saying Loomer Unleashed needs to be “deprogrammed.” Loomer Unleashed reporting proves President Trump is right. The Biden White House and top Democrats are pulling the strings in Trump’s New York and Georgia Cases. 

Loomer reported that screenshots show Loren Merchan’s X account resharing a photo of her speaking at an Authentic Campaigns event, an organization she is part-owner of. A zoomed-in photo shows Merchan’s @LorenM426 handle flashing behind her on the podium. An X post from Authentic Campaigns on January 9th, 2020, stated that Authentic Campaigns was “excited to announce that Loren Merchan is being named partner and part-owner of Authentic Campaigns.” Loren Merchan’s X account, @LorenM426, shared this announcement.

Authentic Campaigns’ website lists the Biden-Harris campaign as its “Featured Client.” Other clients of Authentic Campaigns include Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Rep. Ilhan Omar, Governor Gavin Newsom, Adam Schiff and the Wisconsin Democratic Party. This raises a significant question: how is President Trump supposed to receive a fair trial when the judge presiding over his case has a daughter whose client is Trump’s main political rival? Judge Merchan’s daughter’s work with the Biden-Harris campaign also proves the Biden White House is pulling all the strings in Trump’s New York case.

An exclusive video of Fani Willis’s D.C. fundraiser shows the Washington Post’s 1301 address, followed by a big picture of Fani Willis in front of a check-in table for the fundraiser. When Willis left the event, Loomer Unleashed asked her, “DA Willis, why did you come to D.C. for a fundraiser? You are the Fulton County DA, not the D.C. DA. Are you coordinating with the Biden DOJ to arrest Trump? You clearly don’t want to answer the questions because you put the garage door down.”

Video from the event also appears to show Willis leaving with former Senior Biden White House Personnel Director and Mayor of Atlanta Keisha Lance Bottoms. In a recent interview with Jen Psaki, Keisha Lance Bottoms said, “I describe Fani as fearless. Even when we were young attorneys working at a community-based law firm, the Kendall Law Firm, even when we should have had fear, Fani was always a fearless attorney.”

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