EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Hunter Biden Silent When Asked About Cocaine Found in the White House

Hunter Biden refused to answer questions about cocaine found in the White House last summer. The Secret Service dropped the investigation into the cocaine at the White House, providing little explanation as to why. Hunter was asked about this as he arrived for his deposition on Capitol Hill Wednesday. Last week, Jim Biden, the brother of Joe Biden, refused to answer Loomer Unleashed’s questions about Hunter’s drug use on White House grounds. At his CPAC speech over the weekend, President Trump asked, “What happened to the cocaine in the White House?” The Biden cocaine problems are part of a significant rule of law issue stemming from the Biden family receiving pass after pass while the Trump family is subjected to witch hunt after witch hunt.

As Hunter entered his deposition, Loomer Unleashed confronted him, “Hunter, was the cocaine at the White House yours? Hunter, did you do cocaine at the White House?”

Hunter Biden smiled a bit when we started the questioning but refused to answer both times.

It is also important to note that Hunter arrived at his deposition with what appeared to be United States Secret Service agents. Biden’s car also came from the same direction as the White House. It was reported that Biden arrived in Washington, D.C., on Monday. This has led to questions about whether Hunter is staying at the White House during his time in D.C. Questions have also arisen on exactly how much United States taxpayer money is going to pay for Hunter’s security.

Last Wednesday, when Joe Biden’s brother, Jim Biden, was walking into his deposition, Loomer Unleashed asked if he believes “his brother had the mental capacity to be President of the United States?” and “Did Hunter smoke crack in the White House?” Jim Biden refused to answer both questions.

During his CPAC speech on Saturday, President Trump’s massive crowd cheered with approval after he asked, “What happened with the cocaine in the White House?”

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