EXCLUSIVE: Club for Growth Attempts Entrapment of President Trump By Pressuring Him To Oppose TikTox Ban For The Sake Of Allowing For Joe Biden To Investigate Trump Under False Charges Of Being A CCP Asset

The deep state and its globalist allies are attempting Russia Gate 2.0. Jeffrey Yass, TikTok’s largest US investor and owner of the company SIG CHINA, is pumping money into Club for Growth, attempting to turn MAGA against the proposed ban on TikTok. Club for Growth financed Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign, running pro-Desantis and anti-Trump Pac ads throughout the Iowa Caucus. Out of the blue, the organization announced its support for Trump. So what is going on? If Trump takes a single dollar from the Club for Growth and opposes a TikTok ban, the Biden DOJ will falsely accuse Trump of taking a pass-through bribe from the CCP. It would be a win-win for Yass, as he hurts Trump and makes his globalist friends happy.

Last month in South Carolina, I expressed my concerns about Jeffrey Yass to Club for Growth President David McIntosh. I asked him how the organization’s biggest donor, Jeffrey Yass, felt about their endorsement of Trump when Trump wants to ban TikTok and increase tariffs on China. Mcintosh was very cagey and nervous when I mentioned Yass, and he was surprised that I knew so much about him.

Yass has been attempting to bribe politicians with CCP cash to stop the TikTok ban. Yass gave Kentucky Senator Rand Paul $2.3 million. Unsurprisingly, Paul is leading the opposition in the United States Senate against the TikTok ban. It’s shameful Paul is selling America out to Chinese communist-affiliated GOP mega-donors simply because they donated to him.

Mike Lee, the other Senator leading the opposition against the Tik Tox ban, also received donations from Yass.

Other politicians Yass likes giving money to include Ron DeSantis. When DeSantis ran for President, Yass donated $2.5 million to his campaign. Club for Growth also flooded Iowa airwaves with anti-Trump ads leading up to the Iowa Caucus.

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