U.S. Senate Passes Ukraine Funding Bill That Limits Trump’s Future Presidential Power as Nancy Pelosi Threatens Discharge Petition to Pass The Measure in The House

22 Senate Republicans voted with Senate Democrats to pass a $95 billion funding bill for Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel. Loomer Unleashed recently reported on Ohio Senator JD Vance’s findings that the Ukraine funding in the bill, which totals over $14 billion in us taxpayer dollars, would not expire until September 2025, meaning Democrats could impeach President Trump for limiting Ukraine funding before that date. This handcuffs Trump’s ability to make peace. Speaker Mike Johnson has said he would not bring the Senate’s bill to the floor. However, Nancy Pelosi threatened on CNN that House Democrats could use a discharge petition to pass the funding bill. JD Vance will be Loomer Unleashed’s guest tonight. The show starts at 8:00 pm EST.

At around 5:00 am Eastern time on Tuesday, the United States Senate passed a $96 billion funding bill for the countries of Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel. On Monday, JD Vance sent a memo to all his Republican colleagues in Congress highlighting that the latest Ukraine funding bill provides money to the country through September 2025. This gives Congressional Democrats the ability to impeach President Trump if he cuts Ukraine funding before the September 2025 date. This limits President Trump’s ability to strike a peace deal in the conflict.

Speaker Mike Johnson said he will not bring the Senate bill to the floor. However, just before the bill’s passage in the Senate, Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is still one of the most powerful Democrats in the United States, told CNN that ” Our leader Hakeem Jeffries has not ruled out using a discharge petition to try and bring the bill to the floor and also just see were all the Republicans are on this because… This is [the Ukraine bill] not a partisan issue.”

According to Congress.gov’s official rules, a discharge petition can be filed in the U.S. House when a bill is not brought to the floor after 30 days. If the petition gets a majority of signatures, which is over 218, the bill gets brought to the floor for a vote. All that is needed is for 6 or 7 House GOP members, depending on House attendance on the date, to sign the discharge petition and then vote yes on the bill. If this happens, the Ukraine bill heads to Biden’s desk to become Law.

Former J6 member Adam Kinzinger is also for using a discharge petition posting, “Discharge petition for the senate foreign aid bill now! A discharge petition take 218 signatures and forces a bill to be taken up. All dems and a few republicans can get this done. Do it!”

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