RINOs Brian Kemp and Paul Ryan’s WEF Attendance Raises Significant 2024 Election Integrity Questions

Brian Kemp and Paul Ryan’s attendance at this year’s World Economic Forum has spread 2024 election integrity questions. Ryan, who sits on the Fox board, colluded with other Fox executives to attempt to make Trump a “nonperson.” Ryan, like many other Fox executives, seems to have embraced Nikki Haley’s candidacy. Nikki Haley bragged in the past about attending the World Economic Forum. Brian Kemp refused to fire Fani Willis despite having the power to do so. This is further proof that the globalists are lining up behind Haley in an attempt to stop President Trump.

Paul Ryan and Brian Kemp both attended this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos.

One of the topics discussed at this year’s WEF was “Billions at the Ballot Box and a Possible Lasting Mark on Democracy.” Within the discussion, the WEF had this assessment of the upcoming United States Presidental election, “Concerns about disinformation have only increased,” and “more than half of voters for the opposing party still don’t think the current US president’s election was legitimate in 2020 – a year when an estimated quarter of Americans were exposed to untrustworthy websites.”

Loomer previously shared an archived webpage from Nikki Haley’s official website showing a press release from the South Carolina State Rep Haley stating that she attended the 2007 World Economic Forum in Dalian, China. Loomer captioned the link, writing, “In case you needed any more evidence that @NikkiHaley is a globalist, Uniparty puppet, did you know that in 2008, she attended The World Economic Forum (WEF) in China? She claims to be tough on China, but she is very entangled with the CCP.”

Haley was quite excited over her attendance at the Forum, writing in her press release, “South Carolina was the only state in the nation invited to attend this annual gathering of CEOs, political dignitaries and top investors from around the globe, offering what Rep. Haley called ‘a rare opportunity for us to expand economic development prospects here in Lexington County and across our state.”

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