RFK Jr. Stands with Trump, Criticizes Removal from Ballot

Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has thrown his support behind Donald Trump’s efforts to remain on the ballot, criticizing decisions to exclude the former president. At a press conference in Utah, Kennedy voiced his concerns about the fairness of the process and highlighted the potential consequences for Trump’s supporters, branding the move as unjust. While promoting his own candidacy for the upcoming election, Kennedy acknowledged the challenges he faces in gaining ballot access but emphasized the importance of preserving democratic values.

Kennedy, both an independent candidate and attorney, expressed his reservations about removing Trump from the ballot based on accusations of insurrection. “Donald Trump has not been convicted of an insurrection. Maybe he did it but, you know, he hasn’t been charged with it,” Kennedy remarked, emphasizing the principle of fairness in electoral decisions. He warned that sidelining Trump could lead to frustration and anger among his supporters, undermining faith in the democratic process.

While advocating for Trump’s inclusion on the ballot, Kennedy acknowledged his own uphill battle to secure ballot access as a third-party candidate. Navigating the complex legal landscape of different states and meeting various deadlines poses a considerable challenge. Kennedy’s campaign, focused on being on the ballot in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., has encountered legal hurdles, with Utah being the first state targeted due to its early deadline.

Kennedy’s campaign is actively working to gather signatures in crucial states, including swing states like Arizona. The team, led by campaign press secretary Stefanie Spear and supported by legal counsel Paul Rossi, successfully extended signature gathering deadlines in Utah. The super PAC, American Values 2024, has committed up to $15 million to aid Kennedy’s ballot access efforts, particularly in states like Georgia.

Acknowledging the disruptive potential of an independent candidate with even single-digit support, Kennedy floated the idea of winning the presidency with minority backing. At the Utah press conference, he discussed the technical possibility of securing victory with 34 percentage points due to the winner-takes-all nature of the electoral system. Kennedy, currently polling at around 13 percent, expressed confidence in his ability to appeal to a broad base and make a significant impact on the national election.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s alignment with Donald Trump on the ballot exclusion issue reflects the broader challenges faced by independent candidates in the intricate web of U.S. electoral politics. As he strives to navigate legal complexities and gain access to ballots across the nation, Kennedy’s campaign raises questions about the democratic process and the role of third-party candidates in shaping the political landscape.

H/T Politico

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