President Trump Closes in On The GOP Nomination Following His Historic Super Tuesday Victories

President Trump is on the delegate threshold of clinching the GOP nomination following his historic Super Tuesday victories. Trump easily won the states of Minnesota, Texas, and Oklahoma. These wins are notable because he previously lost those states during the 2016 GOP Primary. This makes clear that the Republican Party is now the party of MAGA. In a show of force, Trump won the critical general election state of North Carolina moments after polling closed. Trump handily won Virginia, a state the Trump Campaign expects to be in play during November’s general election. Trump won Colorado one day after the United States Supreme Court ruled that Trump could remain on the ballot. California, with the most delegates at play, went to Trump. The atmosphere was festive at Mar-a-Lago as Trump gave a speech focused on Joe Biden and the general election. Super Tuesday’s results proved that America First policies trump Globalism.

On Super Tuesday in 2016, Ted Cruz won Texas and Oklahoma while Marco Rubio won Minnesota. Fast-forward to 2024; President Trump has won all those states handily. Trump’s victories in these states solidify that MAGA is now the driving force in the Republican Party.

President Trump won the North Carolina Primary minutes after polling closed in the state. Trump-backed Mark Robinson won the North Carolina GOP Gubernatorial Primary soon after the polls closed. Trump’s strong showing in the Tarheel State is impressive, as North Carolina is a must-win state in November’s general election.

In another impressive showing, Trump won Virginia minutes after the polls closed in the state. The Trump Campaign had previously stated that they expect Virginia to be in play in November’s general election. Trump’s decisive win in Virginia proves the campaign’s assessment correct.

One of President Trump’s more epic wins came in Colorado. Trump easily won the state just 24 hours after the United States Supreme Court ruled that Trump could remain on the state’s ballot. In February, Loomer Unleashed asked Colorado Secretary of State Jenna Griswold on the steps of SCOTUS, “How much Soros paid you to kick Trump off the ballot?” To say Secretary of State Griswold had a bad 42 hours would be an understatement.

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