Nikki Haley Embraces Her Inner Hillary Clinton

A video from 2015 resurfaced in which Nikki Haley says it is inappropriate to refer to illegal immigrants as criminals. Haley made those comments at an event hosted by the Aspen Institute, a think tank funded by the Soros Open Society Foundation. Haley’s immigration comments are almost word for word like Hillary Clinton’s comments on the issue. Haley has also previously stated that she looks up to Hillary. This comes as Hillary Clinton donors have recently donated to Nikki Haley in an attempt to stop Trump in the GOP Primary. Haley has also been courting Hillary Clinton voters to vote for her in the upcoming GOP Primary. It is clear that Haley is Hillary Clinton 2.0.

The Aspen Institute’s website proudly lists the Soros Open Society Foundation as one of its supporters. A message to the Aspen Institute’s supporters on the website reads, “EOP would like to extend its deepest appreciation to the following organizations, who have generously supported our work over the years.”

In 2015, Haley told her elitist audience at the Aspen Institute, “We don’t need to be disrespectful. We don’t need to talk about them[illegal immigrants] as criminals. They’re not. They’re families that want a better life.”

Haley’s comments follow Hillary Clinton’s commands to treat illegal immigrants with dignity and respect. Clinton’s website reads, “we are a nation of immigrants, and we treat those who come to our country with dignity and respect—and that we embrace immigrants, not denigrate them.”

It should come as no surprise that Clinton donors have begun to support Nikki Haley in an effort to stop Trump. Loomer exclusively reported that Clinton donor Alberto Peisach has been donating frequently to Nikki Haley and Stand for America Pac, a super pac supporting Nikki Haley.

In November, Jamie Dimon, the Chief Executive Officer of JPMorgan Chase, informed the liberal attendees of the New York Times 2023 Deal Book Summit to back Nikki Haley to stop Donald Trump.

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