Nikki Haley Defends Two-Person Race Claim Despite Iowa Finish

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is standing firm on her belief that the 2024 presidential primary has boiled down to a two-person race, despite finishing third in the Iowa caucuses behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. In a recent Fox News interview with co-host Brian Kilmeade, Haley defended her perspective, citing her progress from a low starting point and expressing optimism about the upcoming contests in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

During the interview, Kilmeade questioned Haley about her assertion that the race was now between her and DeSantis. Despite finishing behind DeSantis in Iowa, Haley pointed to her significant improvement, starting with just 2 percent in the polls when there were 14 candidates in the race. She emphasized the strong showing in Iowa and expressed confidence that the momentum would continue to build in New Hampshire and her home state of South Carolina.

When asked about her comment that New Hampshire would fix what Iowa did, Haley clarified that it was a joke, emphasizing her lighthearted approach to politics. She outlined her commitment to the electoral process, describing it as a marathon rather than a sprint. Haley expressed excitement about the energy on the ground in New Hampshire and the positive send-off from Iowa, indicating that the state would set the tone as the primary season progressed.

Haley responded to fellow Republican Elise Stefanik’s call for other candidates to drop out by stating that 70 percent of Americans do not want a Trump-Biden rematch. She emphasized the need for a new generational conservative leader, highlighting the disapproval of both Trump and Biden for putting the country trillions of dollars in debt. Haley reiterated that Americans are seeking fresh leadership and solutions, focusing on issues such as the economy, education, the border, law and order, and preventing war.

Kilmeade pressed Haley on her remarks from the previous night, where she seemed more direct about Trump and Biden, stating that it’s time to turn the page on the two 80-year-olds. Haley explained that she has always spoken in hard truths and that, now out of a crowded field, she and Trump are a stone’s throw away in New Hampshire polls. She underscored the American public’s desire for new, fresh leadership, free from division and hatred.

Nikki Haley’s unwavering confidence in her candidacy despite a third-place finish in Iowa showcases her determination to position herself as a viable contender in the 2024 presidential primary. As the race progresses through New Hampshire and South Carolina, Haley remains committed to her message of new leadership, aiming to address the concerns of Americans and pave the way for a more promising future. The unfolding primary season will ultimately determine whether Haley’s optimistic outlook translates into sustained momentum and support from voters.

H/T Conservative Brief

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