Nevada U.S. Senate Candidate Sam Brown Refuses to Debate GOP Primary Opponents Despite Calling for Debates During His Last Run

Nevada U.S. Senate Candidate Sam Brown ran scared after local reporters asked him why he refused to debate his GOP primary opponents. In 2022, Brown heavily criticized his GOP primary opponent, Adam Laxalt, for refusing to debate him. During this time, Brown referred to GOP Primary debates as necessary to “voter transparency.” Brown’s about-face on the debate issue should not be shocking. Brown recently blocked Loomer on X following the release of articles highlighting Brown’s inability to endorse President Trump’s reelection, Mitch McConnell’s backing of him, and donations to his campaign from prominent Democrat families like the Pritzkers. Clearly, Sam Brown is the anti-1st Amendment candidate.

Video taken over the weekend shows Sam Brown running away after a local reporter asked him, “You skipped out on the first few debates so far. Will you be participating in any debates moving forward, Sam?”

Dr. Jeff Gunter, President Trump’s Ambassador to Iceland and Brown’s GOP Nevada opponent, commented on Brown’s cowardice in refusing to answer the question, writing, “My goodness. Scam just keeps getting worse. America already has enough failed, feckless, foolish leaders running away from problems. Unlike Scam Brown, I won’t hide and scurry away from any question or debate. Not now, not ever.”

Brown’s hypocrisy on the debate issue is massive. Brown criticized his 2022 GOP Primary opponent Adam Laxalt for skipping out on debates, once writing, “We received confirmation that Adam Laxalt refuses to participate in the  @8NewsNow prime time debate. Adam Laxalt is a typical career politician—cowardly hiding from voters and any accountability for his history of failures. Nevadans deserve better, Nevadans demand better.”  Brown believes it is cowardly for Laxalt to skip debates with him but not for him to skip debates against Dr. Gunter.

Brown also once said that dodging debates is a tool of the establishment posting, “We are determined to keep up the pressure until Adam Laxalt finally commits to a televised debate. Hiding behind D.C. endorsements and ducking debates are career politician tactics that voters will reject. #nvsen”

It is interesting that Brown claimed that dodging debates is an establishment tactic, as Loomer Unleashed previously reported that donors backing Sam Brown have also given to Mitch McConnell and his hand-picked successor, John Thune.

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