Mainstream Media Melts Down Over Loomer Unleashed’s Reporting on The Darién Gap

Talking Points Memo and the New York Times falsely accused Loomer of spreading “racist conspiracy theories” over her Darién Gap reporting, which showed thousands of illegal immigrants from third-world countries destined to enter the USA illegally receiving jungle navigation help from the NGO HIAS. Sadly, American companies like Tyson Foods are moving factories from Iowa to New York so they can hire illegal immigrants and pay them low wages. The Tyson story proves Loomer is correct; globalists would like to import a cheaper workforce in America that votes Democrat. There is nothing racist, violent, or dangerous about stating these facts.

Talking Points Memo was forced to retract part of its story on Loomer, stating that donations to her Great Replacement Movie were going to Nick Fuentes following an error on Give Send Go that said donations to Loomer’s movie were going to Fuentes’ group.

Give Send Go CEO Jacob Wells joined Loomer’s X Space on Thursday to clarify that it was an error on his company’s end and donations to Loomer’s movie were not going Fuentes.

TPM wrote that Loomer’s reporting on the invasion on America’s southern border is racist and dangerous, “The idea that global elites are fueling immigration to replace western culture with cheap labor and progressive ideals has been promoted in various forms by higher profile figures, including Vivek Ramaswamy, Tucker Carlson, and Trump. It has also been a core tenet for many white nationalists and neo-Nazis, for whom it dovetails with a belief in the concept of white genocide.”

Ironically, TPM claims that global elites importing cheap labor and votes from third world countries is a “conspiracy theory,” but Tyson Foods recently announced they were relocating factories from Iowa to New York so they can hire illegal immigrants to work as cheap labor. The move will cost the state of Iowa thousands of jobs.


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