Jamie Raskin Calls on Loomer Unleashed to be “Deprogrammed” After Asking Him about the J6 Committee Deleting Their Communications with Fani Willis

As he was walking into James Biden’s testimony, J6 Committee Member Jamie Raskin told Loomer Unleashed that we need to be “deprogrammed” after asking him about the J6 Committee deleting their communications with Fulton County DA Fani Willis. On December 5th, the House Judiciary Committee and the House Select Committee on Oversight wrote letters to Fani Willis and J6 Committee Chair Benny Thompson about their deleted communications. This is the second time Raskin has dodged our questions on this topic. Raskin’s call for deprogramming is yet another example of how Democrats will call for censorship when the facts are not on their side. It also proves President Trump is right. There is a nationally coordinated effort led by top Democrats to ensure the legal system is weaponized to commit election interference against him.

Loomer Unleashed asked Raskin, “Why did the J6 Committee delete their communications with Fani Willis?”

Raskin replied, “We didn’t, and you are a cult member.”

Following Raskin’s first snarky remark, we pointed out to him that his J6 Committee has received multiple letters from his colleagues stating the J6 Committee did delete their communications with Fani Willis.

Instead of answering the question, Raskin told us, “You need deprogramming.”

Raskin is dead wrong in his assessment. The J6 Committee did, in fact, delete their communications with Fani Willis. On December 5, the House Judiciary Committee wrote a letter to Fani Willis asking for “documents relating to the investigative coordination between your office and the partisan January 6 Select Committee.”

Also, on December 5th, the House Select Committee on Oversight wrote to J6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson, “According to public reporting, the Select Committee shared records with Ms. Willis. The Select Committee provided ‘Fulton County prosecutors…key evidence about what former President Trump and his top advisers knew’ with respect to Georgia’s 2020 election results.5 However, there are no records of any additional communication between the Select Committee and Ms. Willis and her office. Therefore, we have no records showing what the Select Committee actually provided her office.”

On December 13th, just days after the December 5th letters, Loomer Unleashed asked J6 Committee Member Jamie Raskin about the committee’s deletion of files. Raskin denied they deleted files and even attempted to use Liz Cheney as a reference to prove that nothing was deleted. He then deflected the question and accused Loomer Unleashed of working directly for President Trump.

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