Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis Faces Allegations of Misusing Federal Funds in Youth Advocacy Center Scandal

The political landscape in Fulton County, Georgia, is embroiled in controversy as a former employee of District Attorney Fani Willis comes forward with damning allegations of the mishandling of federal funds intended for the creation of a youth advocacy center. The whistleblower, Amanda Timpson, formerly the Juvenile Diversions Programs manager in Willis’s office, has leaked an audio recording of a conversation where she accused a top campaign aide of misusing funds earmarked for at-risk youth. The scandal, coupled with other financial improprieties, raises serious questions about Willis’s administration and ethical conduct.

In a bombshell report by The Washington Free Beacon, Timpson revealed a meeting with Willis where she expressed concerns about Michael Cuffee, the Willis campaign’s social media manager, misusing a $488,594 federal grant. The grant, awarded by the U.S. Department of Justice, was intended for the establishment of the Fulton County Center of Youth Empowerment and Gang Prevention. Timpson claimed Cuffee planned to spend the funds on ineligible expenses, such as Macbooks, promotional items (“swag”), and travel, a violation of the grant’s specific guidelines.

Timpson’s efforts to stop the alleged misuse resulted in her punitive demotion by Cuffee, who later removed her from the youth program. Despite Willis acknowledging the concerns and apologizing to Timpson, she was terminated less than two months later, escorted out by armed investigators.

Willis’s office, in response to Timpson’s allegations, dismissed her as a “holdover” from the prior administration, claiming her termination was due to performance issues. However, Timpson contends that Willis made it difficult for her to find employment, leaving her with no choice but to file a wrongful termination lawsuit seeking damages.

Timpson also exposed another scandal involving out-of-state students participating in Willis’s federally funded Junior District Attorney Program, leading to her demotion when she brought it to Willis’s attention.

The allegations against Willis don’t end with the youth advocacy center scandal. Timpson points to a pattern of financial impropriety, comparing her case to the scandal involving Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor hired by Willis for the Trump prosecution. Both cases allegedly involve ethical violations, abuse of power, and the misuse of taxpayer dollars on lavish expenditures, echoing a broader pattern of financial impropriety within Willis’s administration.

In a significant development, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan has issued a subpoena to Willis, demanding documents related to the alleged exploitation of DOJ grants. The subpoena raises concerns about the supervision of federal grant funds and whether Willis took actions to conceal unlawful expenditures.


Fani Willis, elected on the promise to “restore integrity” to the DA’s office, now faces serious allegations of misusing federal funds and unethical conduct. The scandal involving the youth advocacy center, coupled with other financial improprieties, has put Willis under intense scrutiny. As the legal battles unfold, it remains to be seen how these allegations will impact Willis’s political career and the overall reputation of the Fulton County District Attorney’s office.

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