EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Journalist Laura Loomer Removed From Dean Phillip’s New Hampshire Event for Asking How Many Democrats Would Vote in The GOP Primary

2024 Democratic New Hampshire candidate Dean Phillips’s staff removed journalist Laura Loomer from their campaign event. Loomer was questioning how many New Hampshire Democrats planned to vote for Nikki Haley. Phillips’s tactic of removing media he does not approve of is a DNC tactic that Nikki Haley has also embraced. This is yet another example of the globalists’ war on free speech and obsession with controlling the narrative.

Video from Monday shows Loomer being asked to leave Dean Philips’s New Hampshire campaign event. Loomer captioned the video, writing, “I wanted to ask him how many votes he thinks Democrat Presidential candidate @NikkiHaley is going to take away from him tomorrow at the New Hampshire primary after @BarackObama’s campaign manager @davidplouffe told Democrat donors and voters to support @NikkiHaley with their votes and their money.”

Loomer continued writing, “Why is Barrack Hussein Obama’s progressive campaign apparatus, along with
@HillaryClinton’s donor base and @MSNBC and @CNN backing @NikkiHaley instead of the progressive Democrat candidates on the ballot in New Hampshire? @JoeBiden isn’t even on the New Hampshire ballot. Nikki Haley is the leading Democrat Candidate on the ballot in New Hampshire.”

Dean Phillips had been complaining that the media had not been covering him. Phillips also claimed that “everyone is invited” to his event. It looks like Loomer’s questioning of Democrats voting for Haley in the New Hampshire GOP primary struck a nerve. Following the event, Loomer took a very ironic picture of herself holding a Phillips campaign sign that read, “Everyone is welcome.”

Tim Pool may have described it best, writing, “Dean complains that the media won’t cover his story and has Loomer thrown out for literally trying to cover his story.”

Bill Ackman also agreed it was wrong for Phillips to remove Loomer from his event. Ackman called the effort to remove Loomer from the event a “staffing mistake.”

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