EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Democrat Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson Raises the Possibility of Biden Dying in Office Due to His Deteriorating Health

In an exclusive video, Democrat presidential candidate Marianne Williamson recently raised the possibility of Joe Biden dying in office due to his deteriorating health. Williamson is one of the first Democrats to say this publicly. However, behind the scenes, it seems the Left is preparing for this possibility as Alex Soros, the son of mega Democrat donor George Soros, has been promoting California Governor Gavin Newsom heavily over the last few months. Also, the DNC rules for their 2024 convention allow for bound delegates to vote for another candidate besides Biden as long as the DNC Secretary approves of the candidate they are voting for.

When asked a question about Biden’s deteriorating health, Williamson said, “I don’t want to be ageist… but we have all seen those videos, and we have all read those stories.” Williamson continued to say, “Given his age, it’s reasonable for any citizen to say, ‘Well, how do I feel about Kamala Harris?’ Because it is reasonable to think that it could happen.”

Loomer commented on Williamson’s remarks, writing, “By ‘it’, she’s referring to Joe Biden possibly DYING before the end of the 2024 Presidential election. Again, this is a Democrat Presidential campaign event in New Hampshire, where @JoeBiden isn’t even on the ballot. These are DEMOCRAT voters admitting what we all know to be true! The
@DNC knows Biden is unwell, which is why their candidate on the ballot in New Hampshire is @NikkiHaley, not @JoeBiden.”

Williamson seems to be the first Democrat to say the quiet part out loud. However, mega-Democrat donors have been propping up California Governor Gavin Newsom over the last few months. It was Newsom, not Biden, who traveled to China to meet with Xi. Newsom was also a key player when Xi visited the United States. In September, Alex Soros called Newsom “the USA’s greatest leader.” Soros made those comments when he was meeting with Newsom at a Clinton Foundation event.

Even Biden seems to think he is being replaced by Newsom, saying, “He (Gavin Newsom) can be anything he wants. He can have the job I’m looking for.”

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