EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Afghani Muslims and Venezuelans Passing Through the Darién Gap on Their Way to Illegally Enter the USA Say They Support Joe Biden

In an exclusive video taken from the Darién Gap, the land connecting North and South America, a group of Muslim men from Afghanistan and Venezuelans bound to enter the United States illegally said they support Joe Biden and his open border policies. These men were staying at the Bajo Chiquito Migrant Camp. Loomer Unleashed previously reported that the Jewish NGO HIAS and the United Nations are responsible for creating the Bajo Chiquito Migrant Camp. In another video, Venezuelans are seen arriving at the camp via boat and chanting, “Trump is a bitch.” This further proves that Biden’s open borders are a direct security threat to the United States.

Inside the Bajo Chiquito invader camp, “migrants” were getting off the boat and waiting in line to be processed by the UN Refugee Agency. I noticed a group of men among the migrants wearing Islamic scarves. They told me that they were from Afghanistan and were planning on illegally entering the United States.

Things became contentious when I asked one of the Afghanis why he was wearing a bullet necklace. He refused to say and started giving short answers to my other questions like “Why are you fleeing Afghanistan?” The men claimed that they were fleeing the Taliban, but their answers did not sound convincing.

I also encountered some invaders from Venezuela waiting in the same processing line. They informed me that they planned on illegally entering the United States and going to New York. Unsurprisingly, the Venezuelans supported Joe Biden and his open border policies.

I captioned my video, “It’s only a matter of time before we have another 9/11-style terrorist attack in our country.”

In another video, Venezuelans are seen pulling up on boats to enter the camp, these Venezuelans were yelling, “No, Trump es un puta. Biden now appoyan.” This means, “Trump is a bitch, Biden supports us.”

I captioned the video, “According to US Border Patrol, nearly 340,000 Venezuelans were encountered in 2023. Venezuela is doing nothing to stop them from coming to the US and now more illegals are coming from Venezuela because Biden has prevented majority of them from being deported by redesignating Temporary Protected Status for Venezuelans who arrived illegally before July 31, 2023. Now, almost 500,000 Venezuelan invaders have been protected from being deported from the US, and their family members are also traveling to the US with hopes of all getting protected status.”

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