EXCLUSIVE: Top Nikki Haley Donor Has Serious Ties To Anti-Trump Billionaire Paul Singer

Annie Dickerson is a Nikki Haley supporter who will be among several dozen wealthy GOP donors set to gather in support of Nikki Haley’s 2024 Presidential Campaign on January 30th, 2024 in New York City. Haley is gathering more than two dozen wealthy donors for this exclusive fundraiser in late-January. At least seven of the attendees of the planned event are billionaires. I exclusively confirmed this in a post made to my Twitter/X account on January 4th.

Upon conducting an investigation into the names on Haley’s list for her January 30th New York City fundraiser, I was able to exclusively confirm that Annie Dickerson, who appears on the list, is a general partner at Elliott Management Corporation, the investment firm run by anti-Trump billionaire Paul Singer. Singer dumped some $2.5 Million into Marco Rubio’s failed 2016 Presidential campaign in an attempt to derail then-candidate Trump’s race for the Republican nomination. When that effort failed, an outlet funded by Singer, the Washington Free Beacon, produced research that was eventually picked up by Fusion GPS and used by a FISA court to obtain illegal warrants to spy on President Trump’s campaign, and Administration.

Annie Dickerson is also a director of the Paul E. Singer Foundation, and has been in that position since 2007. Before working for Singer, Dickerson worked for the Bush-Cheney White House. She served as a Director of Major Donors in the 2004 campaign, and before that, she served as the Chief of Staff to the US Embassy in Switzerland, and the Deputy Director for Finance in the George W. Bush campaign for President, highlighting an extensive history and relationship between Dickerson and the GOP Establishment. Could the GOP Establishment donor class, who is now evidently throwing their weight behind Nikki Haley for President, be working in accordance with Paul Singer and other donors to secure another ‘insurance policy’ against Trump should he win again?

Dickerson even reportedly visited Israel with Paul Singer and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in the late 2000s, further raising questions on the legitimacy of Dickerson’s support for Haley in this Election cycle. Like many donors to Christie, DeSantis, and Haley, Dickerson’s past highlights her support for many of the candidates running against Trump, not just one. These candidates that are challenging Trump, and the donors who support them, are not about ideas, or policy, or a particular candidate, but simply about ‘stopping Trump’.

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